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Leigh Buckner Hanes was an advisory board member of the Poetry Society of Virginia and a member of the Virginia Bar Association. He was born in 1893 and died in 1967.

He practiced law in Roanoke and was the editor of The Lyric (oldest poetry magazine in North America), from 1929-1949. He was the author of Song of the New Hercules and Other Poems (1930) Green Girdle (1939) The Star That I See (1950) and Wide the Gate: Poems 1925-1957 (1957).

Hanes was Poet Laureate of Virginia in 1949.

From the Poetry Society of Virginia


West Central

Virginia City or County Affiliation

Roanoke, Virginia





Year of Birth


Published Works or Performances

  • Green Girdle. The Lyric Press, 1939.
  • Song of the New Hercules, and Other Poems. The Four Seas Company, 1930.
  • The Star That I See. Brenburn Press, 1950.
  • Wide the Gate: Poems, 1925-1967. Golden Quill Press, 1957.

Selected Individual Poems or Performances

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Leigh Buckner Hanes