Date of Award

Fall 1983

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Chemistry & Biochemistry



Committee Director

James H. Yuan

Committee Director

Patricia A. Pleban

Committee Member

R. James Swanson

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Special Collections LD4331.C45 L575


The evaluation of human semen is very important for diagnosis of male infertility. Combined with the analysis of seminal plasma, a comprehensive biochemical screening of human spermatozoan proteins may be of assistance in providing qualitative and quantitative information to the physician to assist with evaluation.

In this study, human spermatozoa were ruptured by sonication. The soluble spermatozoan proteins were separated from the cellular debris by centrifugation and then analyzed in dissociated forms by two dimensional electrophoresis. The separated proteins were visualized by a silver stain method.

It has been shown that these combined techniques can resolve- four to five hundred spots. Four protein spots have been tentatively identified by co-electrophoresis with purified proteins. With its high resolution and sensitivity, the technique presented may become a valuable analytical tool in andrological screening.


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