Date of Award

Spring 1982

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Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Chemistry & Biochemistry



Committee Director

Frank E. Scully, Jr.

Committee Member

Charles E. Bell

Committee Member

Roy L. Williams

Committee Member

Billy T. Upchurch

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Special Collections LD4331.C45 T63


The compounds: 3-allylpiperidine, 3-ethylpiperidine and 3-n-butylpiperidine have been synthesized by regioselectively alkylating the three position of piperidine. Piperidine was converted to N-chloropiperidine and then dehydrohalogenated to produce Δ1-piperideine. The enamide anion was generated by adding solutions of Δ1-piperideine to ethylmagnesium bromide or lithium diisopropylamide. Addition of alkylhalides produced 3-alkyl- Δ1-piperideine which could be reduced or alkyllithiated to give 3-alkylpiperidines or 2,3-dialkylpiperidines respectively.

The yields of products were low and the reaction generated a continuum of mono- and di-alkylpiperidines and there was evidence that several dimeric piperideines were formed. The low yields were discussed in terms of the instability of the piperideine molecule and a strained transition state for generating the enamide anion.


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