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Spring 1981

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Master of Science (MS)


Chemistry & Biochemistry



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Frank E. Scully, Jr.

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Patricia Pleban

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Charles E. Bell

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Billy T. Upchurch

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Special Collections LD4331.C45 B69


Organic N-chloramines are recognized by-products of chlorinated water systems. Because of their chemistry, none have been isolated or identified.

This paper discusses a method for the derivatization of the organic N-chloramines based on a nucleophillic substitution mechanism. N-Chloro derivatives of amines of various structures were studied including primary and secondary aliphatic amines, as well as amino acids. The effect of the presence of other functional groups including aromatic and unsaturated systems was investigated.

Derivatization was done by three different methods, one involving derivatization of the pure N-chloramine, and two involving derivatizations of the N-chloramine generated in situ. Seventeen arenesulfonamides have been synthesized in yields ranging from 46% to 100-:. Effects of water solubility and steric hindrance of certain of the amines have been noted and are discussed in this paper.


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