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Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics






e2022JA030896 (1-33)


We have developed an empirical model of nitric oxide (NO) number density at altitudes from ∼73 km to the exobase, as a function of altitude, latitude, day of year, solar zenith angle, solar activity, and geomagnetic activity. The model is part of the NRLMSIS® 2.1 empirical model of atmospheric temperature and species densities; this upgrade to NRLMSIS 2.0 consists solely of the addition of NO. MSIS 2.1 assimilates observations from six space-based instruments: UARS/HALOE, SNOE, Envisat/MIPAS, ACE/FTS, Odin/SMR, and AIM/SOFIE. We additionally evaluated the new model against independent extant NO data sets. In this paper, we describe the formulation and fitting of the model, examine biases between the data sets and model and among the data sets, compare with another empirical NO model (NOEM), and discuss scientific aspects of our analysis.


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Article states: NRLMSIS 2.1 code and all data samples used in this work are available at The full data sets from which the samples were drawn are available at the following archives: MIPAS (, ACE (, SOPHIE (, SNOE (, SMR (, HALOE ( and SCIAMACHY (

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Emmert, J. T., Jones, M., Siskind, D. E., Drob, D. P., Picone, J. M., Stevens, M. H., Bailey, S. M., Bender, S., Bernath, P. F., Funke, B., Hervig, M. E., & Perot, K. (2022). NRLMSIS 2.1: An empirical model of nitric oxide incorporated into MSIS. Journal of Geophysical Research: Space Physics, 127(10), 1-33, Article e2022JA030896.


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