Projects conducted by undergraduates in the COVA CCI research program for Fall 2023.

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A Review of Threat Vectors to DNA Sequencing Pipelines

Tyler Rector, Old Dominion University

Digital Crime Prevention Is Possible

Michael Kennedy, Old Dominion University

How ChatGPT Can Be Used as a Defense Mechanism for Cyber Attacks

Michelle Ayaim, Old Dominion University

Integrating AI into UAVs

Huong Quach, Old Dominion University

Knowing Just Enough to be Dangerous: The Sociological Effects of Censoring Public AI

David Hopkins, Old Dominion University

Lip(s) Service: A Socioethical Overview of Social Media Platforms’ Censorship Policies Regarding Consensual Sexual Content

Sage Futrell, William & Mary

New Paths of Attacks: Revealing the Adaptive Integration of Artificial Intelligence in Evolving Cyber Threats Targeting Social Media Users and Their Data

Larry Teasley, Old Dominion University

Potential Security Vulnerabilities in Raspberry Pi Devices with Mitigation Strategies

Briana Tolleson, Christopher Newport University

Privacy Concerns and Proposed Solutions with IoT in Wearable Technology

Hyacinth Abad, Old Dominion University

Rising Threat - Deepfakes and National Security in the Age of Digital Deception

Dougo Kone-Sow, Old Dominion University

The Analysis and Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Job Loss

Ava Baratz, Old Dominion University

The Propagation and Execution of Malware in Images

Piper Hall, Christopher Newport University

The Transformative Integration of Artificial Intelligence with CMMC and NIST 800-171 For Advanced Risk Management and Compliance

Mia Lunati, William & Mary

The Underrepresentation of Black Females in Cybersecurity

Makendra Latrice Crosby, Old Dominion University

The Vulnerabilities to the RSA Algorithm and Future Alternative Algorithms to Improve Security

James Johnson, William & Mary

Ways To Make Cybersecurity Education/Opportunities More Accessible in the Philippine Public School System

Joshua Oania, Old Dominion University