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Fall 1982

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Master of Science (MS)


Dental Hygiene


Dental Hygiene

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Michele L. Darby

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Janet L. Scharer

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Deanne S. Allen

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Special Collections LD4331.D46C37


A descriptive research approach and a self-designed questionnaire were used to obtain information about the effective clinical teacher as perceived by first and second year dental hygiene students. The Effective Teaching Behaviors Questionnaire was reviewed critically by several Old Dominion University dental hygiene faculty who's comments were used for revision. Once revisions were made, a pilot study was conducted on a sample of Old Dominion University dental hygiene students to determine the reliability and validity of the instrument.

The sample consisted of the entire student population of five accredited dental hygiene programs: three baccalaureate degree university programs and two associate degree community college programs, in varying geographical areas (N=291). Data obtained from the responses were analyzed using chi square at the 0.01 significance level. Results indicated that first and second year dental hygiene students are similar in their perceptions of what constitutes the effective clinical instructor; however, first year students, students in age extremes of 18 to 19, and 26 and above, and students scoring in the low range (-1 to 3) on the Dental Hygiene Aptitude Test appear more sensitive to instructor behavioral characteristics and involvement than other students.


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