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The Virginia Principal: A Professional Practice Handbook


9-13.1- 9-13.2


[First Paragraph] The Virginia Board of Education has adopted a procedure for resolving disputes concerning the application of local board policies, rules, and regulations as they impact the work or disciplinary actions of teachers. It is vital that the principal be aware of the process and the timeline involved in the grievance procedure since the solution should be secured at the lowest administrative level in the process. It is beyond the scope of this article to provide every detail of the grievance process. For a complete detailing of procedure, please refer to Chapter 15, Article 3, Sections 22.1-306 through 22.1-314 of the Code of Virginia.


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Johnson, F.H., & Owings, W.A. (1992) Grievances. In R.D. Barrack, M.W. Bedwell, J.S. Byrne, S.H. Campbell, T. Page Johnson, R.E. Jones, G.L. Koonce, W.A. Owings, & H.R. Stiff (Eds.) The Virginia principal: A professional practice handbook (pp. 9-13.1- 9-13.2). Virginia Association of Secondary School Principals, Inc.