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The Virginia Principal: A Professional Practice Handbook




[First paragraph] There is a plan where Virginia pays Average Daily Membership (ADM) monies to a school system for a student attending a community college - and the community college collects the Full Time Equivalency (FTE) from the State. Principals must be aware of this dual enrollment plan for secondary students with community colleges approved in September of 1988. This plan provides options for students which were not available before. Dual enrollment allows high school students to accumulate credits for graduation while simultaneously earning college credit. The courses to be offered are to be mutually agreed upon by the school division and the community college.


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Owings, W.A. & Titus, John B. (1992) Virginia's plan for dual enrollment. In R.D. Barrack, M.W. Bedwell, J.S. Byrne, S.H. Campbell, T. Page Johnson, R.E. Jones, G.L. Koonce, W.A. Owings, H.R. Stiff (Eds.), The Virginia principal: A professional practice handbook (pp. 4-8.1). Virginia Association of Secondary School Principals, Inc.