Date of Award

Fall 2017

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Degree Name

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


Engineering Management

Committee Director

T. Steven Cotter

Committee Member

Holly Handley

Committee Member

Jennifer Michaeli

Committee Member

Cesar Pinto


Manufacturer and industry recommendations vary considerably for maintenance and tests of emergency diesel-electric generator sets in emergency standby duty. There is little consistency among generator sets of similar technology, and manufacturers and their representatives often provide contradictory guidance. As a result, periodicity of emergency diesel-electric generator set maintenance and tests varies considerably in practice. Utilizing the framework proposed and tested by Fehr (2014), this research developed a parametric regression survival model of the reliability of modern diesel-electric generator sets in emergency standby duty as a function of maintenance, age, and cumulative run hours. A survival regression technique leveraging Cox’s (1972) methods was developed to combine multiple exponential and Weibull (1951) distributions into a single model to represent emergency diesel-electric generator sets and other complex machinery exhibiting multiple independent failure distributions. A generalized model and reliability tables derived from that model are presented along with maintenance and test recommendations to assist managers in determining the optimal maintenance program for a diesel-electric generator set.


Resit Unal (committee member)