Bark or Bite Perspectives on Economic Sanctions for Foreign Policy Objectives

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Summer 8-1986

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Master of Arts (MA)


Political Science & Geography


Graduate Program in International studies

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Glenn H. Palmer

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Patrick Rollins

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Charlie G. Turner

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Special Collections LD4331.I45S56


Economic sanctions have been used throughout history to coerce target nations to acquiesce in the objectives of nations that impose them. The record of achievement, using sanctions as a tool of foreign policy, has been poor. Regardless, nations continue to use economic sanctions to attain their goals despite their relative ineffectiveness. And as nations apply sanctions frequently to resolve international conflicts, such frequency tends to impair the credibility of sanctions as an implement of foreign policy. The fact that they are imposed frequently, also reflects that they are used to rectify lesser violations of the international norm. In view of their use for less urgent objectives, they are implemented with an equally lessened degree of determination. Despite limited utility to accomplish their objectives, sanctions are useful, though, as an instrument to placate domestic political demands in the resolution of foreign policy crises.


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