Date of Award

Spring 2009

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Master of Science in Education (MSEd)


Human Movement Sciences


Athletic Training

Committee Director

Bonnie Van Lunen

Committee Member

James Onate

Committee Member

Martha Walker

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Special Collections LD4331.E44 A53 2009


Research has been done investigating plantar pressures and pain in subjects with pathologies after the application of orthoses and arch taping. To date, however, no study has been conducted investigating plantar pressures and pain in subjects with plantar fasciitis after the application of the augmented low-dye taping (ALD) in comparison to a heel-pain orthosis (HPO). Therefore, the purpose of this study was to determine the effects of the ALD in comparison to a HPO on pain, peak plantar pressure (PPP), and mean plantar pressure (MPP) under multiple areas of the foot in subjects with plantar fasciitis while walking and jogging. Seventeen subjects, five males (34.8 ± 15.3 years of age, 182 ± I 7.0 cm, 93.89 ± 22. 71 kg) and twelve females (36.8 ± 16.5 years of age, 167 ± 7.0 cm, 70.78 ± 12.51 kg) with plantar fasciitis participated in this study. Subjects had no history of lower extremity surgery and no history of back or lower extremity injury in the last three months other than the condition sought. PPP and MPP were evaluated while walking and jogging after the application of three interventions (control, ALD, HPO) under four areas of the foot: lateral rearfoot (LR), medial rearfoot (MR), lateral forefoot (LF), and medial forefoot (MF). Walking and jogging pressure measurements were recorded 3 times for 30 seconds at a speed range of 0.89-l.34m/s and 2.24-3.13m/s respectively using the PEDAR in-shoe pressure measuring system (Novel, GMBH, St Paul MN, USA). Walking and jogging pain levels were also recorded during each intervention using the Visual Analog Scale (VAS). Two separate 3x4 repeated measures ANOVA were conducted with an alpha level set a priori of p(p<0.003). The HPO significantly increased jogging PPP (156.45±22.88) under the entire foot when compared to the control (134.09±20.53) (pI) and ALO (137.85±19.06) (p(p<0.006) produced a significant decrease in VAS scores compared to the control (17.32±17.86). Jogging VAS scores also significantly decreased after the application of the HPO (12.15±15.61) (p


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