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10.29011/CRCM-141. 000041

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Cardiology Research and Cardiovascular Medicine






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Introduction: While exercise is known to increase HDL-cholesterol, it is not known if larger exercise volumes produce larger increases in HDL. However, the range of exercise volumes used in most training studies is limited. This report presents a case study of a middle-aged male who engaged in large variations of exercise volume over 7 years while frequently measuring HDL. The purpose was to determine if large increases in exercise volume were associated with larger increases in HDL than previously reported.

Methods: The subject maintained detailed logs of his main form of exercise, bicycling. These logs were analyzed to determine the average distance cycled per week over the 8 weeks preceding each HDL measurement. A retrospective comparison of cycling distance and HDL was conducted on 6 ½ years of data. Then, the subject intentionally altered cycling distance to prospectively examine its effect on serum HDL in the subsequent 6 months.

Results: The subject averaged 58 to 585 km of bicycling per week over 8-week periods, which was estimated to be approximately 1,000-10,000 kcal.wk-1 of net energy expenditure. HDL varied from 50 to 84 mg.dL-1, and a strong positive relationship with exercise volume was observed during both the retrospective and prospective portions of the study.

Conclusion: Large increases in exercise volume were associated with large increases in HDL in a middle-aged male subject. These results suggest that the modest increases in HDL in most training studies may be due to the small exercise volume used.


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Swain, D. P. (2018). Effect of exercise volume on HDL-cholesterol: A 7-year case study. Cardiology Research and Cardiovascular Medicine, 3(1), Article 141.