Instructional Message Design, Volume 3

Document Type

Book Chapter

Publication Date

Spring 2024

Publication Title

Instructional Message Design: Theory, Research, and Practice (Volume 3)


22 pp.


3D printing is an emerging technology used for the creation of physical objects. While it does not seem like a tool for instructional message design, 3D printing facilitates the development of many skills, such as creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving, as well as the development of content knowledge. It allows students to design and create real objects, or for teachers to show recreations of items from history. Tools, such as math manipulatives, can be designed and printed to help students learn abstract concepts. This chapter aims to provide a conceptual framework for 3D printing integration into instructional message design, with considerations to educational setting. The chapter wraps up with a guide for getting started with 3D printing and resources for tutorials, file repositories, and lesson plans.


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