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Spring 5-1984

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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)



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Helen Yura

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Evelyn J. Singer

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Ann Bennett

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Special Collections LD4331.N8H44


Registered nurses in skilled nursing facilities were surveyed using the Six-Dimension Scale of Nursing Performance to determine: (1) how they rated the importance of specific nursing behaviors related to their role, (2) how they rated the frequency engaged in the same specific nursing behaviors related to their role, and (3) if there was a relationship between how they rated the specific nursing behaviors for importance and frequency. There were five subgroups of nursing behaviors: (a) leadership, (b) nursing process, (c) teaching and collaboration, (d) interpersonal relations and communication, and (e) professional development. Registered nurses rated all of the behaviors as being very important in their role; however, behaviors related to professional development were rated the highest and behaviors related to teaching and collaboration were rated the lowest for importance. Registered nurses engaged in the nursing behaviors with varying degrees of frequency. Similar to the ratings for importance, registered nurses engaged in professional development behaviors the most and teaching and collaboration behaviors the least. A significant difference was found between how registered nurses in skilled nursing facilities rated the importance of and frequency engaged in nursing behaviors related to the nursing process and teaching and collaboration.


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