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Spring 5-1979

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Master of Science (MS)



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Gary Copeland

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Ian Howard

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James L. Cox

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Special Collections LD4331.P48F39


The Franck Condon factor is defined as the square of the overlap integral and is so named because of its ties with the Franck Condon Principle. The r-centroid is the internuclear separation associated with the electronic transition of the diatomic molecule. The physical meaning of these integrals is discussed. Two methods for construction of the wavefunctions are presented. Both methods employ the Morse Potential Energy function. The first method calculates the integrals using the analytic wavefunction of Morse and the second method has numerically constructed wavefunct!ons. The twelve transitions and six diatomic molecules studied include; B 2Σ+ to X 2π½ for AsO, A to X transition for NO+, C 3πu to B πg for N2 , A 2πi to X 2Σ+ for CO+, A 2π to X 2Σ for MgF and D 2Σ+ to X 2Σ+ for SrH. The results are compared with the published results of other methods.


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