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Collaborative Models for Librarian and Teacher Partnerships




While we often associate reading aloud with children and particularly younger children, the practice of reading aloud has historically been a way for a community to share texts for information and enjoyment. Findings from a year-long study of a school librarian collaborating with a team of second grade teachers demonstrates the value of reading aloud in building background knowledge and vocabulary, modeling, understanding curriculum, creating common texts, and reading for enjoyment. Reading aloud brought other voices to the table in a clear example of intertextuality. Implications are shared for school librarians interested in similar practices as well as future research related to the impact of the school librarian on classroom instruction and student learning.


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Kimmel, S. C. (2014). Voices at the table: Collaboration and intertextuality. In K. Kennedy & S.L. Green (Eds.), Collaborative models for librarian and teacher partnerships (pp. 44-55). IGI Global.


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