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School-University Partnerships




The purpose of this manuscript is to detail pre- and post- changes that occurred after a principal, Dr. D, was moved from one middle school to another. Dr. D brought an established partnership with him to his new school including a teacher residency program, UTeach replication program, and an on-site course. The results of ANOVAs are presented regarding the school climate according to student and teacher perspectives. Significant results were found on a number of variables including student belonging, bullying, and teacher autonomy. This manuscript addresses the National Association for Professional Development Schools Essential #5: Research and Results.


This is the accepted author version of an article to be published in School-University Partnerships, a publication of The National Association for Professional Development Schools.

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Burrell-Craft, K., Doyle, P., Gregory, M., & Beck, J. S. (2022). Leading through partnership: An examination of longitudinal trends in a school-university partnership [accepted manuscript]. School-University Partnerships, 1-29.