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Implications of Fourth Industrial Revolution on Democracy

Grace Bailey, James Madison University

The Effects of the Achievement Gap On Arts Education Based On Youth Socioeconomic Status

Kiarra Benejan Curry, Virginia State University

Exploring the Relationship between Entrepreneurs and Digital Enterprise

Destiny Blount, Virginia State University

Tech for Understanding: An Introduction to Assistive and Instructional Technology in the Classroom


Taylor Caldwell, Liberty University

How Internalization of Symptoms of Anxiety and Depression Affect Alcohol Consumption in Undergraduate College Students


Stephanie Cull, Virginia Commonwealth University

Antidepressants Versus Music Therapy: Which Treatment Is Better for Treating Depression in Parkinson's disease?


Emaan Dawood, Virginia Commonwealth University

Soil Sciences in Anthropological Archaeology

Taylor Denny, James Madison University

Factors Causing Individuals to Adopt Wearable Technology: Empirical Evidence Using UTAUT.

CeAra Donald, Virginia State University
CeRelia Donald, Virginia State University

Biophilia and the Art of Sustainable Living

Olivia Duke, James Madison University

Metasynthesis on Breast Cancer Racial Disparity: Genetics and Socioeconomic Perspective

Mikal Fikremariam, Marymount University
Karen Benson DNP, RN CCRN-K, Marymount University

Canine Cognitive Dysfunction (CCD), Alzheimer’s Disease (AD), and β-Amyloid Accumulation: Using CCD as a Reference for the Development of AD Treatments and Therapies


Isabel Gibbs, Virginia Commonwealth University

Biophilic Design and Permaculture Design in Haines, AK – Case Study

Sophia Gonzales, Virginia Wesleyan College

The Recent Decline of the Black Squirrel Population

Heather Guthrie, Reynolds Community College

Potential ROBO1-Ankyrin Interaction Within Mouse Brain Tissue

MaryEllen Haas, Marymount University

Establishing Biosimilar Insulin as an Alternative to Originator Insulin through Patient Education: Increasing Accessibility and Affordability

Morgan Hamilton, Virginia Commonwealth University

Challenges Faced By LGBTQIAP+ Youth


Sydney Inger, James Madison University

Comparison of HUVEC and HDMEC Morphology Under Shear Stress and HAE Conditions

Amira Manes, Hampton University

Birth Control as a Preventative Factor Against Cancer

Alexzondra Mattson, Ferrum College

Health Disparities in the US

Sydney Miller, Hampton University

Art Activism: When the How Changes

Dasiree Nance, Norfolk State University
Gina Gaston, Norfolk State University

Interventions for Child Labor in the Indian Brick Kiln Industry


Ishaan Nandwani, Virginia Commonwealth University

The Usage of Exercise for Regulating Dopamine and Dopaminergic Terminals for Geriatric Patients with Lewy Body Dementia

Ashley Nguyen, Virginia Commonwealth University

How Does Renewable Energy Investment Affect Energy Companies

Dalton Powers, Virginia Wesleyan University

Capitalism, Climate, and Conflict

Erin Quinn, James Madison University

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy in the Treatment of Hewitt and Flett's Socially Prescribed Perfectionism in University Students Prior to the Onset of Depression


Lisa Taylor, Virginia Commonwealth University

The Consistency of Voting Habits among College Students


Mychala Walker, Virginia State University

Storytelling: Writing for Stage, Screen, and Page

Diana Witt, James Madison University

The Structure and Roles within a Political Campaign

Jory Woods, James Madison University

Secular Stagnation in the United States

Jonathan Zwemer, University of Mary Washington