About This Journal

The Virginia Journal of Science (ISSN: 0042-658X) is published by the Virginia Academy of Science. The Virginia Academy of Science and the Editors of the Virginia Journal of Science assume no responsibility for statements or opinions advanced by contributors.

The Virginia Journal of Science has historically been a hardcopy-only journal. Past print volumes of the Journal are available at many university libraries in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and will also be available online here.

Print subscription rates: $40.00 per year, domestic and foreign. All foreign remittances must be made in U.S. dollars and are subject to additional postage. Most back issues are available. Prices vary from $5.00 to $25 .00 per issue postpaid. Contact the Business Manager for the price of a specific issue. Changes of address, including both old and new zip codes, should be sent promptly to the following address: The Executive Officer, Virginia Academy of Science, 2500 W. Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia 23220-2054. All correspondence relating to remittance, subscriptions, missing issues and other business affairs should be addressed to the Business Manager.

We are excited to announce that beginning Summer of 2016, we have also launched an online edition of the Virginia Journal of Science! The online format should permit us to publish accepted articles more quickly, will enable us to accept large manuscripts including those with color images and is expected to improve visibility for Journal articles. Past issues will also be available online. We welcome any comments our readers have as this process unfolds.