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Aquaculture surveys were designed and initiated along with the writing of the State Aquaculture Plan during 1993 to 1995. The first Virginia Aquaculture Survey, conducted for the production year 1993, established the status of both freshwater and marine commercial industries. Subsequent surveys were conducted to trace industry developments relevant to production aspects and economic impacts. Survey data from Virginia Agricultural Statistics Service Reports for 1993, 1995, 1997, and 2003 summarize a decade of Virginia freshwater aquaculture information. Significant changes in sales among the principal aquaculture species occurred over the 10-year period. The 1993 freshwater aquaculture value of $2.8 million increased to $6.0 million in 2003; however, the increase was due to $4.2 million in tilapia sales. Thus, the balance of $1.8 million is actually a decrease by $1 million for 2003 sales when compared to 1993. Losses in trout sales account for the $1 million decrease in 2003. Catfish and hybrid striped bass production and sales remained low and declined during the 10-year period.