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Virginia’s diverse environments support 84 amphibian species (anurans and caudates), making it the third highest state in terms of species richness. However, the Commonwealth matches the global trend in declining amphibian populations with over one-third of its amphibian species in conservation need. The Species of Greatest Conservation Need included in the most recent Virginia Wildlife Action Plan cut across amphibian families and ecoregions. It is challenging to ascertain the exact cause of most of the population declines. In one degree or another, all of the global threats to amphibians exist within Virginia’s borders. While an active research program on amphibians exists in the Commonwealth, there are an abundance of data deficient topics where research can help detect and inform the cause of these declines, as well as evaluate management efforts. On a positive note, there are a large number of existing conservation efforts being undertaken across Virginia that directly or indirectly benefit local amphibians.