A selection of publications from researchers with the Center for Coastal Physical Oceanography, Old Dominion University. Publications listed here are either copyright of the ODU author, open access, or those for which publishers allow a version to be available in an institutional repository.


Submissions from 1975


77-4 Hydrographic and Biological Observations at an Anchor Station Off St. Augustine, Florida (Eastward Cruise E-1G-75), Larry P. Atkinson, Gustav A. Paffenhofer, and William M. Dunstan

Submissions from 1973


Effect of Air Bubble Solution on Air-Sea Gas Exchange, Larry P. Atkinson

Submissions from 1972


Air Bubbles in an Oceanic Mixed Layer: Effect on Gas Concentrations and Air-Sea Gas Exchange, Larry P. Atkinson

Submissions from 1971


Nutrient-Density Relationships in the Western North Atlantic Between Cape Lookout and Bermuda, Unnsteinn Stefánsson and Larry P. Atkinson

Submissions from 1967


The Occurrence and Distribution of Methane in the Marine Environment, Larry P. Atkinson and Francis A. Richards

Submissions from 1965


Some Consequences of the Decomposition of Organic Matter in Lake Nitinat, an Anoxic Fjord, Francis A. Richards, Joel D. Cline, William W. Broenkow, and Larry P. Atkinson