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The Virginia Principal: A Professional Practice Handbook




[First paragraph] The principal must observe teachers to improve and evaluate effectiveness. Since instructional planning is one of the keys to good instruction, one component of improving teacher effectiveness is the lesson plan. This article provides two formats for lesson planning: a narrative approach and a skeleton approach. Although the ideas in this article may be used whenever written plans are required, not all written plans require elaborate detail.


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Owings, W.A., Bedwell, M.W., & Berry, C. (1992) Lesson plan designs. In R.D. Barrack, M.W. Bedwell, J.S. Byrne, S.H. Campbell, T. Page Johnson, R.E. Jones, G.L. Koonce, W.A. Owings, & H.R. Stiff (Eds.), The Virginia principal: A professional practice handbook (pp. 4-4.1-4.4.2) Virginia Association of Secondary School Principals, Inc.