The Journal of Human Services Scholarship and Interprofessional Collaboration (JHSSIC) is a no-fee open-access peer-reviewed scholarly journal spanning professions and highlighting interprofessional practice. Interprofessional collaboration occurs when two or more individuals with distinct professional identities work together and is associated with increased quality of care and improved client outcomes. JHSSIC calls for research on helping professionals and practice from interdisciplinary professional communities comprising human services that contribute to comprehensive integrated care.


The mission of JHSSIC is to disseminate timely, free, open-access research on interdisciplinary helping for the advancement of all helping fields. Further, the Journal signals the empirically supported assertion that interprofessional collaboration and integrated care are the future of behavioral healthcare for improved client outcomes.



As helping professionals, we value interdisciplinary collaboration and integrated behavioral health in support of addressing the unique needs of the whole person. This requires practitioners to connect and cross pollinate in service of evidenced-based assessment and treatment. The Journal of Human Services Scholarship and Interprofessional Collaboration (JHSSIC) directly reflects these values and provides a scholarly outlet that encourages authors to add to the existing literature by celebrating creative ideas and empirical outcomes borne from interdisciplinary collaboration. Our vision for this journal is to encourage critical dialogue and cultivate meaningful professional relationships that model the very collaborations and integrations we hope to support in practice.