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Theories to Influence the Future of Learning Design and Technology




The Theory of Learning in Micro is a proposed theory on how people micro-learn. This theory is based on the hypothesis that learning is a continual process better supported with smaller, more focused learning resources and activities. Based on two main beliefs, knowledge and design, The Theory of Learning in Micro was crafted as a foundation for how people learn in micro, providing a set of beliefs and assumptions for the microlearning design and development community.


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Bal, I. A., Duha, M. S. U., Arslan, O., Collier, J., Marcelle, P., Dolowitz, A., Bernhardt, J., Swanson, M., & Dash, M. (2023). The theory of learning in micro: Context & explanation. In B. Allman, H. Leary, & R. Kimmons (Eds.), Theories to influence the future of learning design and technology (pp. 41-58). EdTech Books.