Application of Color on 3D Dynamic Visualizations for Engineering Technology Students and Effects on Spatial Visualization Ability: A Quasi-Experimental Study

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Conference Paper

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ASEE EDGD Midyear Conference



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ASEE EDGD 70th Midyear Conference, January 24-26, 2016, Daytona Beach Shores, Florida


There are several reasons for exploring the potential of color information and its effects on improving spatial visualization ability. Color is one of the fundamental properties of objects and is detected preattentively with other primary properties like brightness and line orientation (Enns & Rensink, 1991; Treisman, 1986). Even though the role of color in object constancy and depth perception is clear, the value of adding redundant color as spatial stimuli has attracted very little attention (Alington, Leaf & Monaghan, 2001). According to Mehta & Zhu (2009) a large amount of research has been done in this domain; however, the psychological processes through which color operates have not been fully explored.

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Katsioloudis, P. J., Jones, M., Moustafa, M. R., & Jovanovic, V. (2016). Application of color on 3D dynamic visualizations for engineering technology students and effects on spatial visualization ability: A quasi-experimental study [Paper Presentation]. ASEE EDGD Midyear Conference, Daytona Beach Shores, Florida. 8.


0000-0002-9879-2477 (Jones), 0000-0002-8626-903X (Jovanovic)