Theses and dissertations published by graduate students in the Department of Community and Environmental Health, College of Health Sciences, Old Dominion University, since Fall 2016 are available in this collection. Backfiles of all dissertations (and some theses) have also been added.

In late Fall 2023 or Spring 2024, all theses will be digitized and available here. In the meantime, consult the Library Catalog to find older items in print.


Theses/Dissertations from 2016


Dissertation: Application of a Theory-Based Educational Intervention to Increase the Frequency of Performing Oral Health Assessments on Children Among Advanced Practice Registered Nurses and Nurses, Denise Michelle Claiborne

Theses/Dissertations from 2006

Thesis: Environmental Justice and the Role of Social Capital in an Underserved Urban Community, Lorraine Ann Dillon

Theses/Dissertations from 2005


Thesis: Survey of Camera Phone Awareness in Outpatient Community Behavioral Health Facilities, Tara Lynn Overton

Theses/Dissertations from 2004


Thesis: Pressure Ulcer Development and Prevention in Long-Term Care Facilities in Virginia: A Descriptive Survey, Audrey D. Arthur

Theses/Dissertations from 2003


Thesis: Sibling Death in Childhood: An Evaluation of the Literature Regarding Inclusion of Minority Cultures, 1990–2002, Joyce Kay L. Cherry

Theses/Dissertations from 2002

Thesis: The Hand Center: Considerations Related to the Design, Planning, Staffing, and Marketing, Marcia L. Miller

Theses/Dissertations from 2000


Thesis: Validation of Passive Air Sampling Monitors Onboard United States Navy Submarines, Larry A. McFarland

Theses/Dissertations from 1999


Thesis: The Accuracy of Nitrous Oxide Passive Dosimeters as Compared With an Infra-Red Spectrographic Reference Method, Susan Allen

Thesis: Benchmarking Financial Operations Using the Premier Operations Outlook Database, Margaret M. Thompson

Theses/Dissertations from 1997

Thesis: Devolpment of a Scale to Assess Home Health Care Aides' Ability to Recognize Depression in Older Adults, Tina M. Nerney

Theses/Dissertations from 1996


Thesis: Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)/Hepatitis B Virus (HBV) Risk Perception Related to Needlestick Injuries at a Medical School in Norfolk, Virginia, Ronald B. Hartman

Thesis: Telemedicine: Discovering and Overcoming the Barriers, Dennis McClain-Furmanski


Thesis: Comparison of Positive Screening and Confimatory Results From Federally Mandated Drug Testing of Urine, Mary M. Stuck

Thesis: A Test of an Alternate Calibration Matrix for NIOSH Method 7300, Robert T. Vitek

Theses/Dissertations from 1995

Thesis: The Effects of Risk Management Program Implementation on Worker Safety Knowledge, John C. Donnelly


Thesis: Patient Satisfaction Among Users of the After Hours Program, Helen L. LaRocco

Theses/Dissertations from 1994


Thesis: The Pollution Effects of Pleasure/Work Boat Sewage Discharges on Fecal Contamination Levels of Waters in and Around Marinas and Other Places Where Boats are Moored on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, George H. Bangs

Thesis: An Assessment of Four-Hour Sample Durations Used to Determine Full-Shift Noise Exposures in a Foundry, Vince Marlo Fleming


Thesis: The Identification and Magnitude Estimation of Occupational Stressors in the Industrial Hygiene Profession, Judith Hinch

Theses/Dissertations from 1993

Thesis: A CIPP Evaluation of the Administrative Associate Training Program through Sentara, Patricia A. Criswell


Thesis: Validation of a Bag Sampling Method for 1,3-Butadiene, Lori Eckenrode

Thesis: A Comparison of Four Muscle Relaxant Techniques and their Incidence of Postoperative Myalgia in Ambulatory Patients, William James Garske Jr.


Thesis: The Degree of Exposure to Anesthetic Nitrous Oxide Waste Gas in the Operating Room During Various Surgical Procedures, Kathryn Ann Longworth


Thesis: Attitudes of Virginia Dental Hygienists Towards Issues Relevant to the Independent Practice of Dental Hygiene, Linda Hawkins McCain

Thesis: The Identification and Magnitude Estimation of Stressors in a Selected Military Population at One Training Command, Susan W. Miller

Theses/Dissertations from 1992

Thesis: An Assessment of Food Sanitation Knowledge and Practice of Restaurant Workers in Taichung City, Taiwan, Shiow-Fu Sheu

Thesis: Awareness of and Rights Related to the Patient Self-Determination Act of 1990 by Selected Post-Adolescent College Students, Toni M. Vargas

Theses/Dissertations from 1991


Thesis: Identification and Ranking of Stressors Specific to the Acute Head Care Nurse, Joan A. Breen

Thesis: An Analysis of Quality Assessment Efforts in Health Care, Margaret M. Curran


Thesis: A Descriptive Study of Commitment Practices in a Selected Jurisdiction, Louis A. Pesnicak

Theses/Dissertations from 1990


Thesis: Effects of Applied Soil Repellent Finish on Pesticide Residues in Work Clothing, Sandra L. Prior


Thesis: A Comparative Analysis of Pediatric and General Hospital Nurse Recruitment Practices, Rebecca Parsons Scott

Thesis: Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing: Probed Facepiece versus Probed Cartridge, Sonya Melissa Seward

Theses/Dissertations from 1989

Thesis: An Assessment of the Characteristics and Attrition Rates of Physical Therapist Assistant Educational Programs, Pamela Ann Bayliss

Thesis: An Analysis of Selected Family Life Education Curricula, Phoebe Terry Butler

Thesis: Health Status and Perceived Health Care Needs of Female Veterans of the Armed Services, Nancy Einstein Camp

Thesis: Reliability of Q-Angle Measurement, Elisabeth Ann Grusheski


Thesis: An Analysis and Evaluation on Printed Materials Used in Genetic Counseling, Janet L. MacArthur


Thesis: Identification and Ranking of Stressors in Nuclear Medicine Technology, Scott R. Sechrist

Thesis: Articulation of Practical Nursing Programs to Institutes of Higher Learning, Gwendolyn T. Sweat


Thesis: Motivation and Job Satisfaction of Direct Care Mental Health Practitioners in a Residential Treatment Center, Joann Zitt

Theses/Dissertations from 1988

Thesis: An Evaluation of Injury Incidence and Typology in Industry, Shirlee Ann Brooks


Thesis: Patients' Perceived Benefits of Home Health Services, Rita M. Holley


Thesis: The Relationship Between Multiple Health Factors, Demographics, and Body Weight, Glenda J. Potter

Theses/Dissertations from 1987


Thesis: A Comparison of Myofascial Release and Ultrasound in the Treatment of Musculoskeletal Pain, Dianna Lynn Bishop


Thesis: Tardive Dyskinesia: A Prevalence Study in an Outpatient Population, Virginia J. Ravizza

Theses/Dissertations from 1986

Thesis: Factors that Influence Prepared Childbirth Couples' Use of Epidural Anesthesia for Labor and Delivery, Terri S. Chambers

Thesis: Preferred Provider Organizations: Developmental Indicators, Marcia Anne Guida

Theses/Dissertations from 1985


Thesis: Correlates of Knowledge and Locus of Control on Burden in Professional Caregivers of Alzheimer's Disease Victims in Three Institution Types, Ruth A. Manning-Gay


Thesis: The Effectiveness of Stimulation Therapy for the Cognitively Impaired Elderly, Sylvia H. Old

Theses/Dissertations from 1982


Thesis: An Analysis of a Sample of Parents and University Freshmen in Regard to Their Attitudes Toward the Needs of Sex Education in Community Schools, Linda C. Aleksa

Theses/Dissertations from 1980


Thesis: The Effects of Family Counseling on the Treatment of Juvenile Status Offenders of the Norfolk Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court, Valerie Karen Freeman


Thesis: Evaluation of the Impact of a Health Education Program on the Rate of Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections in a Selected Female Outpatient Population, Lo Lumsden